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Spirent TestCenter: How to get iteration results in pdf from ResultReporter CLI command ?

Result Reporter CLI
RR CLI command using to convert PDF, PDF is not shows the iterations results”, the template “CustomTputStats.rtp” just contains the summary results, it will not export the iteration results.  RR GUI is a tree based pdf, not the template based pdf. If we want to generate the same pdf by the CLI, please use the option “-f pdf-tree” to instead of the original option “-f pdf  -t templates/CustomTputStats.rtp”, then we can get the same pdf (includes the iteration results) as the RR GUI. The new command line looks like the following:
[snakula@gsindia-shell results_reporter]$ ./ -o Tput1-Summary_2016-10-03_12-57-40.db -f pdf-tree -d Mytest.pdf
Also, if we want the RR GUI only generate the summary results, Please select the “Tput” node when generate the PDF.
  • Select the root node like “Tput1-Summary_2016-10-03_12-57-40.db” will generate a tree based PDF, as default, all the results will be exported includes the summary results and iteration results.
  • Select the sub node like “Tput” will generate the associated template based PDF, like the template “CustomTputStats.rtp”, it only contains the summary results.

Product : Results Reporter