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TECH FLEX NG: How do I unlock Frontier tech x flex received from Verizon?

  • 6.44 and greater assigned to Frontier
Customer perform the following:
  1. Retrieve serial number of the unit
    1. Go to System Menu by clicking on F4 System.  (Locking up Flex disables all testing functionality i.e options F1, F2 and F3 but not the systems menu).
    2. Click on “3: Version Info” and note down the Base Unit Serial Number.
    3. Exit back to menu
  2. Configure Admin Port
    1. Connect an Ethernet Cable to any one of the ports on the right side of the Flex
    2. Click on “1: Admin Port” option from  the system Menu to enter the Admin menu
    3. Click on “0: 10/100/1G Admin Port”
    4. Ensure the “Type: DHCP is selected and hit Start.
    5. Once you are successfully connected, you should be able to see a screen with the Connection details
    6. Click OK to return to the menu
  3. Enable WAN Remote Control
    1. Select “2: WAN Remote Control”, then “0: Enable WAN Remote Control”
    2. A screen should be displayed showing the “External Address” on the top line.  Make note of this address.
  4. Contact the Spirent Support team
    1. Phone: 1-800-SPIRENT
    2. CSC:
    3. Email:
    4. Provide Spirent’s Support team with your Flex’s Serial Number as noted in step 1 and the External Address noted in step 3.
TAC Perform the following:
  1. Generate a FrontierOptions license key for the customer provided serial number using the license generator web page and make note of it.
  2. VNC into the unit using the provide address on port 34966.  For example, address should look something like “”
  3. Once the screen of the Flex is displayed, left-click on the batter/plug icon in the upper-right and hold for approximately 5 seconds to display the hidden diagnostics menu.
  4. From this menu select SSH Port Forward (UPnP)
  5. A message should be displayed indicating the operation was successful and to use port 34967 for access.
  6. Click OK to clear that pop-up.
  1. Now bring up an SSH connection to the unit using the customer provided IP on port 34967.  For example, should look something like, “ssh root@ –p 34967”
  2. Enter the root password when prompted.
  3. Once successfully logged in edit the license keys file using the command:   “vi /usr/etc/working/TXH_LICENSE_KEYS”
  4. Locate the line which starts with “VerizonOptions” and delete it.
  5. Add a new line to the file starting with “FrontierOptions,” then append the key you generated in step #1.
  6. Save the file, exit SSH, then instruct the customer to reboot the unit then upgrade the firmware to version “frontier” as should now be displayed in the “Firmware” field 

Product : Tech-X NG