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Spirent Knowledge Base: What are the various sections in the Spirent KB and what goes into them?

Spirent Knowledge Base on the Spirent Customer Service Center
Note that the primary purpose of the Spirent Knowledge Base is to make technical content easier to find and use, with the overall goal of enabling you to quickly find your answer or solve your problem. There are six main channels (or sections) in the Spirent KB. Here's what they're for:
Channel Purpose
FAQs Frequently asked questions are generally short answers to common questions. They usually don't stray too deep into technical details, leaving that to Training and Solutions.
Solutions Another good title for Solution would be "How-to"-- the content in this section is usually created to assist others in how to perform an action, troubleshoot an issue, or more effectively use a Spirent product.
Tech Bulletins Tech Bulletins contain details on issues we're seeing with our products, including error messages, unexpected behaviors and other problems being experienced with our products. When we can, we offer workarounds to these issues to allow continued usage of our Spirent product.
Documentation    Documentation is where our manuals, release notes, user guides, online help and other content is kept.
Training The training channel contains deep content on how to use your Spirent product. It can often contain very detailed explanations, sometimes with videos ranging from a few minutes to an hour or longer. It's a great place for beginners to start, but even expeienced users will often find valuable content here.
News The News channel focuses on announcements and details on Spirent products. It's a good place to learn about new releases and patch upgrades of Spirent products.

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