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Lumos (STCLive) Probe: What is the part number of the asynchronous RS-232 cables used between the 7521, 7531, 7541, 7561 probes and laptop?

Lumos 7502, 7521, 7531, 7541, 7561 Probes - all versions.
For a 7521, 7531, or 7541 module:
If your PC has a 9-pin serial port connection, use the 04-002959 micro-USB to DB9F cable for a direct connection.

If your PC has no 9-pin serial port, use the 04-002959 micro-USB to DB9F cable connected to the 04-003155 DB9M to USB adapter cable to allow connection to a USB port.

For a 7561 module:
For a USB connection, use the 04-003744 micro-DB9F to USB cable to any USB port on the PC.

For a 9-pin serial port connection, use the 04-003610 micro-DB9F to DB9M cable and a DB9F to DB9F adapter.

NOTE:  As of 3/2018:
  • 04-003744 is in active / production status so it can be ordered from Spirent using "6941C-75MDB9"
  • 04-003610 is in inactive status and we have none in stock and no upper level part numbers for customers to order.
  • 04-003155 is in production status and the order number (for customers) is “6941C-75USB
  • 04-002959 is still in production status but we have switched to 04-003596 (same cable just an extended micro USB tip) which is the cable shipped with the units. The order number (for customers) would be “6941C-75ASYNC


Product : VisionWorks Probe