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GSS7725: What is RED compliance?

  • GSS7725
  • To safeguard GNSS-reliant devices from the impacts of adjacent band interference, the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has created a new standard. Part of the Radio Equipment Directive(RED), this standard ensures any new or altered GNSS product launched in the EU can withstand a level of adjacent band interference and continue to operate without interruption.
  • From 13 June 2017, all new or significantly changed GNSS-enabled devices launched in the EU must be tested to ensure they are compliant with ETSI standard EN 303 413. Failure to certify could result in significant fines and damaging product recalls.
  • Spirent’s new GSS7725 interference generator takes the hard work out of RED GNSS testing. Offering a broad spectrum of interference types, including Spirent’s comprehensive RED Test Scenario Set, the GSS7725 enables you to:
    • Test the impact of RF interference on product performance
    • Playback Spirent-generated test packs or custom I/Q files
    • Expand the functionality of Spirent’s GNSS simulators
For more information see attached RED eBook or Contact Spirent to learn more about the GSS7725 and RED today.
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