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Lumos T&D: How can I change the inactivity timeout function in T&D?

Lumos T&D - all versions
  1. cd $METRO_HOME/MetroUI/config
  2. vi default.json
    Change the session : timeout setting:
        "session": {
        "timeout": 1800000
    Note this value is in milliseconds.  1800000  is 30 minutes.
  3. cd $METRO_HOME/MetroEngine/utilities/resource
  4. vi metroengine.props
    Change setting: HCLI_PROMPT_TIMEOUT to a value larger than the value used in default.json.  Note: this value is in minutes.  
  5. cd $METRO_HOME/scripts
  6. stopAllMetro
  7. startAllMetro

Product : VW Controller PM Classic,VW Controller T&D Classic