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Positioning Application, GNSS Simulators: Why is the simulated GNSS spectrum incorrect?

  • SimGEN, all versions
  • Spirent GNSS simulator hardware
When viewing the RF output from the simulator on a spectrum analyser, the spectrum is not what you expect.
The most common cause is an incorrect setting in the constellation's signal sources file. SimGEN allows great flexibility when selecting which signal components to enable. However, this means you can configure signals which differ from the real GNSS signals.
  1. In PosApp, open the signal sources file and go to the Signal Control -- General page. 
  2. Verify that no signals have navigation data enabled and code disabled
  3. Verify that this is the case for all satellites - it is easy to make a change and forget to click 'All'.

Product : Positioning,Position Apps,SimGEN,PosApp