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SimGEN2KML, Positioning Application - What is SimGEN2KML?

  • SimGEN
  • SimGEN2KML (comes installed with SimGEN)
  • Google Earth (downloaded, not running in the cloud)
  • SimGEN2KML is a utility which allows vehicle motion in SimGEN to be visualised in Google Earth.
  • This gives a much more instructive and familiar view of the vehicle motion than is provided by the 'coast outline' window in SimGEN.
  • Unlike the 'coast outline' view however, the computer running Google Earth must have an internet connection.
  • SimGEN2KML comes pre-installed with SimGEN and can communicate with Google Earth on the same PC or on a networked machine.
  • More information about setting up and using SimGEN2KML can be found in the SimGEN User Manual (DGP00686AAA) and FAQ18061.
  • Example SimGEN and GoogleEarth windows shown below:

Product : Positioning,Datastreaming,SimROUTE,SimGEN,PosApp,User Motion