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Spirent TestCenter: Where can I get a guide for DHCP configuration ?

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  • DHCP
You can find a very useful guide about how to configure DHCP from “Spirent TestCenter Online Help section”:
  1. Launch STC GUI
  2. Press F1 on your keyboard (for HELP)
  3. Type DHCP on search section
  4. Refer to "Basic Steps for DHCP testing"

You can also refer to the following usefull KB:

SOL13298 - Spirent TestCenter: How to configure clients to get IP address from different DHCP pools based on "Relay Agent Circuit ID"?
FAQ13177 - Spirent TestCenter: How do I get Spirent TestCenter's DHCP server to ARP its gateway instead of the client facing interface (i.e., the giaddr)?
SOL11487 - Spirent TestCenter: How do you configure Spirent TestCenter for dual stack DHCP/DHCPv6?

Product : Spirent TestCenter,DHCP