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REACT eDTAU / BRTU: What do I check when all monitor tests fail with Red Alarm, but BERT testing to a hardwire loop works with 100% error free seconds or no errors?

eDTAU all versions
DTAU all versions
BRTU all versions

  • Verify that J21 (IN) and J22 (OUT) are cabled correctly to the back of the BRTU.
  • Roll the cable from J21 to J22 and try to test again. 
Note: When testing with an eDTAU, in and out reversals can go undetected during installation if there are no live circuits to monitor during turn up.   This means that eDTAUs that were installed and turned up 10 years ago can "Suddenly" not work because J21 and J22 are reversed.

Product : REACT