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Spirent TestCenter: What's the firmware version that supports Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)?

  • DFS
  • Dynamic Frequency Selection
  • C50-KIT-19-START
  • MX2-11AC-WAVE2-2N

What is Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS)?

DFS is the process of detecting radar signals that must be protected against interference from 5.0 GHz (802.11a/h) radios, and upon detection switching the operating frequency of the 5.0 GHz (802.11a/h) radio to one that is not interfering with the radar systems. TPC is used to adapt the transmission power of a radio based on regulatory requirements and range information.
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Answer: Starting from 4.83

From Spirent TestCenter Software and Hardware New Features 4.83 documment attached, Spirent TestCenter WLAN for access point (AP) Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) testing on 5GHz frequency band is enabled with both radar signal emulation and the regulatory (FCC,  ETSI, etc.) required DFS testing cases.


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