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Spirent TestCenter: How to get realtime updates on a Dynamic view?

This documment will show you how to get realtime updates on counters in your Dynamic Views.

  • STC all versions
  • Realtime updates
  • DRV
In order to get Real Time updates you need to:
  1. Disable Auto Grouping under your Result View. You can either validate / disable on two ways:
    1. When you create your Dynamic View, the last step show you the "Group and Sort the results" section to Disable Auto Grouping.
    2. If you already created the view, you can go to “Customize view” button on your result view, then go to Grouping/Sorting tab.
  1. Defined your Timed Refresh Settings under Settings – L2L3 ResultOptions, because “Realtime update” will depends on the time refresh settings :
That said, if you have time refresh settings to Periodic 5 sec (as the image above), you will get a refresh on your dynamic view each 5 secs, you can set it to continues to get real time updates (Be aware this change in timed refresh settings isn’t always recommended, because sometimes as the configuration growth, have it configure to continuous could be too fast to the analyzer).
  1. Click "Resume Realtime Update" button under your Dynamic View created

Product : Spirent TestCenter