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Spirent TestCenter: What are some of the HP DAC cables supported?

  • JL307A QSFP20 DAC cable
  • HP P/N: 845416-B21
  • DX3 and FX3 cards - Speed 100G, 25G, and 50G
  • JL307A QSFP20 DAC cable
  • Yes, it's supported
Engineering helped tested it out on a FX3 card at 100, 50, and 25G speeds. Link and traffic all look okay. No need to do any manual setup as the auto setting are good. It’ll work the same on a MX3 card.
DAC cable also tested fine on DX3, the cable works in auto mode and there will be no code changes.

The cable is labeled with an Aruba PN.
But programmed into the eeprom is a FCI vendor and PN.
  • HP P/N: 845416-B21
  • Yes, it is supported (Support - Refer to SR-01416139)
    • The cable was successfully tested in GSLAB - CALABASAS
      • Test setup
        1. DX3-100GQ-T12 ports 1,2,3,4 connected to MX3-25GD-S8 ports 5,6,7,8
          • DX3 (100G) connected to MX3 (25G) since it’s a breakout cable ---> 4 lanes of traffic at 25 Gb to a single 100Gb card running in 25 Gb mode
        2. running at 25 Gb
        3. FEC and AN/LT off on both sides and NO issue seen
        4. Emphasis values set to auto-detect
        5. Test setup 1 stream per port bk2bk:
        6. Rate 100%, frame size 64.
        7. AN/LT the same results -> NO issue seen.
        8. The test ran ok without issues for 48 hours.

Product : Cable Library,Spirent TestCenter,Hardware