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Spirent TestCenter: How to test ACL load capability of DUT?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • iTest
  • ACL
  • Access Lists
  • DUT configuration

Customer wants to know if Spirent TestCenter application is able to configure ACLs on her DUT to test its load capability using STC.

  • STC (Spirent Test Center Application) is not a tool to do this kind of test (ACL and configuring DUT) 
  • There is no CTS (Conformance test) for ACL testing so far.
However, we would like to add something here:
  1. Generally speaking, there could be a “hard” way using STC and command sequencer that involves using an external script (that will run OUT of STC) to do this sort of things, but at the end the script is the one that would be doing that configuration on the DUT and all the stuff, and not the STC application
  2. This is something that definitely could take some time to deploy and maybe customer will need to get assistance from someone on Spirent Professional Services since that kind of duties are definitely out of what we in Support can sufficiently address.
 The reason for that last statement (2) is mostly because there is already a Spirent Tool that is designated for that, and it’s called iTest
So, at this point there are two solutions here to bring to customer:
1.- Go ahead and move the SR to iTest support to get help about this on iTest tool
2.- Otherwise customer can try by their own to deploy this test using automation and by getting assistance from professional services

Product : Spirent TestCenter,iTest