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Attero: Why do I see rate decrease and packet drop after setting delay on a Profile other than the Unfiltered Profile?

  • By default all memory is allocated to the Unfiltered Profile.
  • If the memory is not reallocated, the Filtered Profiles will have zero memory assigned.
    • If delay is set, the delay will be properly applied but to do this it will enter what is known as "Extended Delay Mode" and will start to drop packets.
    • The more memory allocated to the Filtered Profile, the lower the drops will be. 
      • Or rather the rate that it can sustain will be higher.
  • The user guide touches upon this behavior.
    • It indicates that in Extended you can basically go to higher levels of delay without dropping packets but with the expense of max traffic rate.
    • It also gives a table with example delay and max rates.
    • One thing to understand is that the table is for when all 8M is allocated to that profile.
    • So with different memory allocations, your delay/max rate combinations will vary.

Product : Impairment,Attero