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how to avoid wifi RF UE's session dropped off after a certain time of RF case running with cisco AP/WLC

landslide 16.6 RF UE
cisco AP and WLC     
 In some cases, landslide's RF UE would get disconnected from cisco AP after a certain period of running even though continous data traffic was exchanged with AP.  The symptom is that Landslide RF UE got "de-authenticate" message from AP and got disconnected, then reconnected successfully but got de-authenticate again some times later, at that point, LS never tried re-association again.
      In most cases, this issue is caused by the "enable session time out" parameter configured in cisco's WLC management portal under WLAN-->advanced tab. change the value to a bigger number or simply disable this option could help.
      also, increase the parameter "link status timeout(intervals)" from default value 5 to bigger number like 300 would force landslide to try re-association and make sure UE reconnect to AP every time it got de-authenticate.

Product : Landslide