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Positioning Application: What effect does applying "External Power Gain" have?

  • PosApp
    • SimGEN
    • SimREPLAYplus
    • Not SimTEST
"External Power Gain" is applied via the "General Options" window:

The default value is 0 dB

The offset entered here can be seen in the "Power Level Graph" window (GPS L1 signals are shown):

The "External Power Gain" feature is intended for use when an amplifier is installed between the simulator's RF output and the receiver's signal input to account for the amp's gain

Applying this feature does not alter the RF power level produced by the simulator, but instead displays the level which is actually received by the device under test in the "Power Level Graph" - see below

In this example, a 10 dB amplifier is installed between the simulator and the device under test:

The gain is then accounted in the "Power Level Graph", as a change from -130 to -120:

In this "system", the device under test will receive -120 dBm

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