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Landslide: Why SIP Re-registration happens based on 1/2 the value of the Expires (s) parameter

Landslide has a configuration of Expires for SIP Registration. Default value is 600000 second but you could change it to any value you want. Expires is used to trigger SIP reregistration.

Some people think LS should do SIP reregistration when expires value expired, for example, if expires is 60, they think SIP reregistration should happen after 60 seconds of the registration. But that’s not the truth.

Expires means the Server consider SIP client isn’t there any more, it’s the deadline for reregistration, not the time to start re-registration, so Client must do reregistration before the expires, normally the re-registration will occur based on 1/2 the value of the Expires (s) parameter.

Product : Landslide Client