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Spirent TestCenter: How to shutdown a Spirent TestCenter port even if the link is down?


In newer labs all devices are not directly connected, they are connected to layer 1 devices (Like MRV). Because labeling goes wrong sometimes there is no "easy" way to know which port in STC is connected to which port in the L1 switch.

L1 switches can say if they receive light or not, but that's not very helpful, because since all the ports are connected between STC and the layer 1 switch, all the ports on the switch are showing a light because there is a link established between them to, so there is no easy way to find anspecific port, rather tan disconnect the port physically too se which port on the MRV turns the light off, but sometimes you need to do this remotely throught software.

You can always do a "Break link" if the link is UP (In green status) between STC and Layer 1 switch, however, if the link is not UP (In red status), break link option isn't available (Becomes gray)

If you think about switches and routers, you can shutdown a port even if the port has no link, or no connection and that stops the laser.
You can always do a "Break Link" either if the link is UP or DOWN.

If link is up:
  • Just do a Break Link
If link is not up:
  • Enable option "Ignore Link status" under Advance tab within the port.
  • No you can do a Break link - This should turn off the light on the partner device.


Product : Spirent TestCenter,MRV