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Positioning Application: How can i cancel out 2 satellite signals in PosApp?

  • PosApp
  • GSS9000
  • GSS7000
  • The procedure in order to cancel out a frequency, from 2 satellites, in PosApp is the following:
    • Open a scenario, e.g. the "All_Defaults"
    • Select the signal type you want, e.g. "Galileo E6" in the "Signal Types"
    • Open the Galileo signal sources file
      • Go to "Orbits" and untick the "Present" box
      • Click "All" to apply it to all satellites
      • Tick the "Present" box for satellite "1"
      • Click the "Copy" button
      • In the "Copy orbits of Satellite 1 to..." tick "2" and then "OK"
      • Go to "Signal Control" --> "General" and select satellite 2
        • In the "Signal control general" Window, set the "PRN" to be "1", i.e. the same as for the SVID 1
        • Click "OK" again to exit the "Signal sources file
    • Now, you should be able to see 2 satellites in the "Power Levels Graph" with the exact same characteristics in the "Received Signals" Window, i.e. "PRN", "Elev", "Azim", "Tropo", "Iono", etc 
    • Plug a cable at the rear High Level port of your signal generator 
    • Plug the other side of the cable to a spectrum analyzer 
    • Run your scenario
    • After setting up your spectrum analyzer, you should be able to see the spectrum of your signal (in our case Galileo E6)
    • Click the "Channel Assignment" option in PosApp
      • You should be able to see the 2 satellites you have selected in your scenario
      • Choose one of them and change its "State" to "Multipath"
      • The "Manual multipath settings" Window will pop up
      • Choose "Doppler offset" from the "Multipath type" drop-down list
      • In the "Number of echoes" tick:
        • the "Remote LOS" box
        • tick "Add"
      • A new "Echo#" option will be created with the number "1"
        • Untick the "Random" box in the "Initial phase"
        • Set the "Carrier phase (deg)" to "180"
        • Set the rest of the options to "0"
        • Press "OK"
    • Now, in the "Power Levels Graph" you should see only the LOS signal and the multipath signal, denoted as "GAL A2,1"
    • Check you spectrum analyzer and make sure you are not seeing any spectrum, since the 2 signals should have canceled each other.

Product : SimGEN,PosApp