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Spirent TestCenter: How can I set the LSAs age to its maximum value?

  • Spirent TestCenter Application.
  • OSPF
  • LSA max age
If a LSAs age value is set to its MaxAge vale, then this LSAs are not used in the routing table calculation.  On Spirent TestCenter we can set the LSA age to it's maximum value by:
  • Open a Spirent TestCenter application.
  • Setup your Spirent devices and establish the Adjacencies against your DUT.
  • Once the Adjacency Status is marked as Full, at the OSPF tab right click on the device on which you will age the LSA, go to OSPF option and select the Age (Router/Network/Summary/External) LSA option, depending on which type of LSA you would like to "withdraw".  This will age the LSA to its maximum value.
  • After doing this, right click again the same device and select the Re advertise LSA option.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,OSPF