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Spirent TestCenter: What would be behavior of WIFI Transmit clients and throughput rates with multiple Ethernet receivers?

  • Single WIFI client sending to multiple ethernet receivers.
  • Rates would naturally be dependent on the negotiated phy rates.
  • Although there are theoretical max rates for the different wifi types, the signal may not be good enough to have negotiated to give the max phy rate.
  • In either case what ever is negotiated, having a single wifi client sending to multiple receivers will naturally be split among the receivers.
  • Let's say there are two receivers.
    • Client sends 1.2 Gbps max due to negotiated phy rates.
      • Sending to a single 1G client may give 1 Gbps received.
      • Sending to two 1G clients may give 600 Mbps to each.
      • (Note that conversion from WIFI to Ethernet will have some over head so you may not really get matching data rates between total Tx and total Rx.)
        • This would even be more noticeable with Active TCP sessions since there will be additional overhead for that.

Product : WiFi,Spirent TestCenter