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Spirent TestCenter: How can I enable 8x8 Spatial Streams on Spirent TestCenter?

  • Spirent TestCenter.
  • IEEE 802.11ax
First we need to set the port into STC-TwoRadio profile, follow the steps below in order to achieve this:
  • Open Spirent TestCenter Application.
  • Connect to the chassis on which you have the 802.11ax card.  No need to reserve any port.
  • Go to Tools > Firmware Management...
  • Select the Activate Test Module Profile (Use to switch to a different profile on a test module).
  • Enable the checkbox of the module on which you will install STC-TwoRadio profile
  • Select STC-TwoRadio from the drop down list
  • Hit the Activate button.
  • After the profile is installed on the port you will be able to enable and configure 8 SMAs on Spirent TestCenter Application.
  • You can validate that traffic beeing sent and received through the 8 Spatial Streams by selecting IEEE 802.11 Client Results Result View. 


Product : WiFi,Spirent TestCenter