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PosApp: When will my support entitlement end?

  • PosApp
    • SimGEN
    • SimREPLAYplus
    • SimTEST
    • SimSCU
The support expiry date can be found in the "About" menu, accessed by clicking "Help"

Once this date has been reached, the menu changes to "Support expired on:"

A warning will also be shown in the System Messages window each time PosApp starts until a renewed software licence is installed. The warning is also present in the message logs

What happens after support has expired?
  • Your software will continue operate indefinitely, but you will be unable to run versions released after your expiration date
  • Unless you are using a controller without an attached simulator (No Hardware PC), where the PosApp will cease to open once the expiration date is reached
  • Once support entitlement has lapsed, you will no longer be able to use certain features on the Customer Service Centre website, gain access to Technical Support or receive free of charge repairs

Product : SimREPLAYplus,SimGEN,PosApp,Positioning,SimTEST