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Spirent TestCenter: Why does the ports have different TX counters if they are all started at the same time in Continuous mode?

  • When running Continuous traffic on ports, the TX counters will be different from port to port, but when running in Seconds mode, the counters on all ports have the same value.
This is an expected behavior of the port.
When running on Continuous mode, the generators start Asynchronously therefore the values will be different even if we "stop" the traffic at the same time with the "Stop traffic" for all streams.
On Seconds mode, each generator will run for N seconds and that is why the ports will have the same values from one to another.

There is a way to make it work on Continuous mode and have the exact same counter values on all port.
Go to-> Settings -> Traffic Options and select "Port Send Mode" to Synchronous 

Product : Spirent TestCenter