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Spirent TestCenter: Are we able to control (enable / disable) auto negotiation when running 1G speed?

  • Auto-negotiation
  • Autonegotiation
  • Auto negotiation
  • 1G speed
  • 1000Base-T
  • 1000Base-SX


  • 1000Base-SX (Optics/Fiber)
When using fiber, yes you can control Auto negotiation settings, hence you can either enable or disable AN

  • 1000Base-T (Copper)

    ​You can NOT control Auto negotiation settings, so you can NOT disable Auto negotiation on 1G copper. This should not be possible in the GUI.  But you can disable AN with copper if you choose 10M or 100M.

  • Still in 5.10 release (June 2020) the GUI allows you to disable AN and set the speed to 1G on some 1G cards (However, at the end AN will be always ON), in future releases if disable AN in 1G SFP cards, you will be able to choose only 10M or 100M.

    • CIPCD-16165

    • Subject: STC 5.10 - Autonegotiation Settings are not working properly when using 1G speed.

    • Date opened: 6/17/2020

    • Date Closed: PENDING

    • Target Release: 5.13 (Late August 2020/Earlier September 2020)


Product : Spirent TestCenter