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Velocity: How is a L2 switch driver calling the procedures from main?

Spirent Velocity
Velocity uses test case parameters to provide information about the calls it wants to make (procedures and their parameters).
  • call_count parameter holds the total number of calls
  • call_N parameters, where N is an integer, so that 0 <= N < call_count, holds call strings. A call string starts with procedure name and followed by its arguments, separated by spaces.
The L2 Interface allows Velocity to manage VLANs -- necessary for reserving topologies with Layer 2 links.
There are 4 functions in a L2 driver (createvlan, addtovlan, removefromvlan, destroyvlan).
Reserving a topology with a L2 switch leads to these executions:
  • Call_count 1 /call_0 createVlan vlanID - at the beginning of the reservation – execution1
  • Call_count N /call_0, call_1…call_N-1 addtoVlan valnID portName - at the beginning of the reservation – execution2
  • Call_count N /call_0, call_1…call_N-1 removeFromVlan valnID portName - at the end of the reservation – execution3
  • Call_count 1 /call_0 destroyVlan vlanID - at the end of the reservation – execution4

Product : Velocity