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Spirent TestCenter: Is there a way to validate how many ports are enabled by a port license in a 400G appliance?

  • Temeva HW Port licensing for 400G 
  • 400G appliance

There are 3 ways you can verify how many ports are "licensed" on a particular appliance:

  1. Through the "Select Ports" window:


  1. Under Tools> Equipment View > Test Module tab, Licensed Ports column:

  1. Under Tools > Licensing Management :

enlightened NOTE: Be aware the port reservation is not index based, you can reserve any port you want up to the maximum of licensed ports. i.e. On the images above, the Licensed ports = 4, hence, you can reserve either the first 4 ports, or the latest 4 ports, or 4 ports on the middle, or any 4 ports combination you want, up to 4 ports in total.


Product : DX3,PX3,Spirent TestCenter,License Issues