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Spirent TestCenter: Why is the MAC address of an emulated device not being populated on the DUT's MAC address table?

Spirent TestCenter.
Ethernet traffic.
If you don't send traffic from Spirent TestCenter to the DUT, the DUT will not learn the emulated devices' MAC addresses, and the traffic will be flooded through all the Switch ports.

If you need the DUT to learn the MAC address of a devices that's not generating any traffic, follow the steps below:
  • Go to All Stream Blocks on the left menu.
  • Right-click on the stream that has the the non-traffic generating device is located.
  • Go to L2 Learning > Start L2 Rx Learning.

NOTE: Layer 2 Learning shares the MAC address of streams configured on the test port with the DUT. You can send MAC address to or receive them from the DUT. 

Product : Spirent TestCenter,L2