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iTest – How to clean the internal iTest cache?

iTest 5.x - Latest


There are some situations where cleaning the internal iTest cache can help to fix errors coming from null.pointer.exceptions, UI interface errors or workspace issues.

Also cleaning the cache is a requirement for upgrades or patch applications.

Cleaning internal iTest cache:

  1. Move into the installation directory using a CMD console with Administrator privileges on windows.
    • (For Linux you need SUDO privileges while using a Linux/ssh console.)
  2. Then issue the next command:
    • For Windows:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Spirent Communications\iTest 8.3\iTest.exe -clean
  • For Linux:
/Linux/install/directory/iTest 8.3/itest -clean
  1. iTest splash screen will launch, if your workspace is not automatically there you can select it or just continue with a fresh one, it does not matter we will not be using it.
  2. Once that iTest fully open, close it as usual.
  3. Now you can open normally your iTest without the –clean argument, the cache will be already clean.
  4. Your iTest is ready to resume the normal usage.
If after performing the cleaning cache procedure your issue is still present, please do not hesitate on reach spirent support team for further assistance.

Product : iTest