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Spirent TestCenter: Can Spirent generate PFC packets?

Yes, to configure PFC please follow the steps below:

1-On the PFC generating port add a Raw stream block, on the General tab, select Auto on Frame size, and unselect "Include Signature Field" under Packet.

2-Under the Frame tab, click on Create new Frame>Click on Advanced>Category: MAC Control> Ethernet 802.1Q - Priority Flow Control.

3-Click on "+ Priority Flow Control" > + Class Enable Vector>Under "ls octet" you will select which priorities to send, this is binary starting from right to left from Priority 0, for E.g., If required to send priority 1 we would configure value as 00000010 if required to send both Priority 1 & 0, then 00000011. Then under "Time(x) (int)" we will need to match the required priorities. To completely pause frame we would use 65535 as the quanta value,
E.g., Pause priority 0 with quanta 65535:

4-We can now Apply and start traffic, under Basic Results if we go to PFC Counters, we will now see Paused Frames for Priority 0:

Here is an example with a second stream block for PFC class 1 (Remember you can configure them on the same stream this is for demonstration purposes).

  To configure an STC port to detect PFC you can the steps below:

1-For Tx enable Flow Control at port level advanced configuration, on the same tab at the bottom enable Priorities required (You can select all to avoid constant change).

2-Under Traffic Generator, add Raw Stream Block, on Frame tab under Actions>Insert Vlans, within the Vlan field change Priority (bits) to desired.

E.g., Streams added with Priority 0 & 1

Product : Spirent TestCenter