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Spirent TestCenter: How to relocate configurations from LAG interface to a physical port?


Do we have a procedure where I can relocate the configurations from a LAG to a physical port?
  • Spirent TestCenter
  • LAG
  • Physical Port
  • Relocate configuration
  • Relocate ports

If all you want is to copy the configuration (analyzer, generator, and port settings) from a LAG port to a physical port, you can use the “Copy Wizard” option:

1.    Right-click on the LAG port and select Copy Wizard 
2.    Select the groups of settings you want to copy 
3.    Select the destination port you want to copy this to
4.    Hit Finish
However, be aware this DO NOT copy the devices and/or streamblocks from the LAG port to the physical port.

If what you want to do is to copy everything (either the analyzer/generator/port configuration) as well as Devices and Streamblocks, the only way to do it is this way:

1.    First “cut” devices from LAG port and paste them into the physical port (Device section)
2.    Then, do the same with the streamblocks, “cut” streamblocks from LAG port, and paste them into the physical port (Streamblock section)
3.    Use the copy wizard (this is optional)

enlightenedIt is important you do it in that order, and using the “cut” option, otherwise, you will get an error message on the GUI, so be aware  you won’t be able to keep both ports (LAG and physical) on the same configuration with the same devices and streamblocks, that is why it is important to use the “cut” option.


Product : Spirent TestCenter