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Spirent TestCenter: How can I establish a BPG session between a 2-Bytes ASN and a 4-Byte ASN?

  • Spirent TestCenter.
  • BGP.
  • 2-Bytes ASN.
  • 4-Bytes ASN.
If you enable 4-Bytes ASN for a Spirent TestCenter emulated device and 2-Bytes ASN for the DUT, when you advertise BGP routes from STC to the DUT the session will change to IDLE state.
To be able to run a test under this scenario, please follow the steps below:
  • Enable the 4-Bytes ASN for both devices, STC emulated device and the DUT.
    • Please consider that the 2-Bytes ASN for both devices should be 23456FAQ13119 - Spirent TestCenter: How do I configure BGP 4 Byte AS number?
  • Configure the STC emulated device 4-Byte ASN to match your test.  
  • Set the DUT ASN as 0.<ASN> e.g. if the DUT ASN is 100 enable the 4-byte ASN and set it to 0.100.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,BGP