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Spirent TestCenter: How to create, save and use a Frame Template?

  • STC 
  • Frame template
To create and save a Frame template:
  • Using a raw streamblock, edit the headers and values as you want. If you are using "Bound Streamblock", you can do it using the wizard also.
  • At the left panel select "Save Frame Template as.."
  • Write a name for the template
  • Select the Category you want the template to belong
  • Write a description of it
  • Click "Ok"
To use that template:
  • Edit the "Raw Streamblock" or if you are using "Bound Streamblocks" you have to create them first and edit them later at the "All Streamblocks" or "Traffic Generator" area
  • Select "Create New Frame"
  • At the new window, select "Allow invalid Packets"
  • Search for the category where the template is and select your frame
  • Click "Ok"

Product : Spirent TestCenter