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Spirent TestCenter: How to configure and run a Conformance test?

  • Spirent TestCenter Conformance Application.
  • Spirent TestCenter Conformance Test Packages.
  • Open the Spirent TestCenter Confirmance Application.
  • Connect to a chassis and reserve the ports you’re going to use for the test.
  • Select the Test in the left menu; e.g. you can select Bridging > STP.
  • Hit the Load Test Suite button.
  • Go to the Select/Run Tests option.
  • Select the test you would like to run.  You can find a brief description of each test under the Objective column.
  • Look for the Selection Expression values in the Test Case Information section.
    • t's recommended to take a snapshot of the Selection Expression.
  • Go to the Map Ports (PCOs) option and do the port mapping to match your testbed.
  • Go to the Set Parameters section and set the test parameters as they were shown in the Selection Expression section.
  • Hit the Apply button and then the Start one to run the test.

Product : Conformance,Conformance Test,Spirent TestCenter