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Spirent TestCenter: Is enhanced L4-7 over VXLAN supported?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Enhanced L4-7
  • EL4-7
  • Enhanced L4-7 over VXLAN
  • 5.28
  • Enhanced L-7 with VXLAN is not supported. Please disable VXLAN on all Enhanced L4-7 endpoints


As up 5.28 release (Dec 2021) El47 is not supported over VxLAN

Currently, if you try to run EL4-7 over VxLAN generating allows you to "start" but not show an error message or so, when eL47 is started, the state changes to running as expected either on EL47 GUI as well as on STC GUI, devices show EL47 "starting" and then "running" but no traffic is ever generated.

Running normal traffic (on STC GUI) shows traffic correctly, but when EL47 is used nothing is seen, even if you capture, 0 packets are captured.

enlightened Starting in 5.35 release (Late July 2022), the GUI is giving you the following error when trying to configure VXLAN on Enhanced L4-7:



Product : Spirent TestCenter,VXLAN