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TTworkbench/STC: how to set static MAC addresses to the Ethernet ports?

TTworkbench VM on C1 or C50
In TTworkbench VM, the MAC addresses of the Ethernet ports are changed each time after rebooting the chassis, which causes additional configuration effort at customers' side.

You can log into C1/C50 over SSH (TTworkbench on C1/C5 first steps guide)
and modify file as below, e.g. for vEth0
ifconfig vEth0 hw ether 12:34:12:34:12:34

Save the file.

The file is located under
 /mnt/spirent/ttwb/networking/ In STC version later than 5.30 and TTwb test package 5.30
 /home/root/ In STC version older and TTwb test package 5.13


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