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Spirent TestCenter - AION: How to initialize an offline AION cluster in AWS using terraform module?

AWS AION Terraform module: https:/
There’s no online/offline endpoint for initialization. You simply provide the org info to this endpoint:
POST /api/local/initialization/server-forming-new-cluster

"organization": {
"name": "string",
"subdomain": "string",
"domains": [

Initializing a cluster is a multi-step process in the web based setup wizard. First we deploy the cluster, then we install products and host entitlements.
When you do an online setup, the gui will simply get the org info from the parent org you sign into
When you do an offline setup, you have to provide the org info using an activation file. The activation file simply contains the organization info.
But when the setup wizard is running it makes the exact same server-forming-new-cluster api call regardless of whether you’re online/offline.
If they are doing offline initialization, they would then have to use the cluster API to upload product files and then use the local service to deploy product instances and then use the licensing api to install hosted licenses.
But automating installing entitlements would require access to the parent org to be able to host the entitlements in the parent org first, then download the entitlement and then install that bundle in the new cluster.
So it seems like they won’t be able to automate that last step if their lab is completely offline.
They will need a system that has internet access to get the hosted entitlements from the .com org
If they are able to automate that part via some other host then I can see how that might work, otherwise they’ll have to handle the entitlements step manually.

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Spirent AION