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Spirent TestCenter: What to do when suspecting of a bad lecture from a temperature sensor?

  • Any STC version
  • Any physical chassis

Follow the next steps:
  1. Verify if the temperature is coherent with the other temperature sensors
    • Validate what is the closest sensor temperature, are those showing also a high/weird lecture?
      • FAQ14191 - Spirent TestCenter:Where are the SPT-N11U / SPT-N12U temperature sensor locations?
      • FAQ15214 - Spirent TestCenter:Where are the SPT-N4U temperature sensor locations?
  2. If possible blow off all the dust from the unit, sometimes a bit of dust accumulated inside the unit could cause this issues.
  3. Verify that nothing is blocking the air inlets or outlets (sometimes bad cable management can block the airflow of the chassis)
  4. Power cycle the chassis and verify if the issue persists
    1. When the front is shut down, power down on the back of the chassis by turning off the switch and/or removing the power cords.
    2. If N11 or N12u reseat the Controller 11U, power Supplies, and Fan Tray.
    3. Remove the line cards (test Modules) but do not reinsert the line cards into the slots.
    4. Power up in reverse order: power up on the back first by turning on the switch and/or plugging in the power cords.
    5. Next press the black button on the front of the chassis.
    6. Wait up to one hour, if required, for power up to be completed.
    7. When powered-up successfully, re-insert the first line card.
    8. Continue inserting one card at a time, waiting for each to fully initialize before inserting the next.
  5. Upgrade the chassis to the latest version possible or to the same version if upgrading to a later version is not an option.
  6. If N12 or N11U and if available, swap the chassis controller with another chassis and verify if the issue persists.
  7. Reimage the chassis
  8. You can verify what is the sensor PN, if they are running "previuous" sensor number, it may worth trying to get them some "new" sensors:
    • FAQ11654: Spirent TestCenter: What is the part number for the temperature sensors?
  9. RMA the temperature sensor
  • If an FSE is available and the sensor can be changed on the field then you can only RMA the sensor
    • This is only possible for an N11U or N12U chassis.
    • You can not change the sensor for an N4U on the field.
  • If the sensor is not able to be replaced on field, the you should RMA the chassis
If you RMA the chassis, make sure for manufacturing to verify if the issue no longer reproduces after some time, otherwise the controller should also be RMAed

Note: we see one case where the power plug circuit was creating strange random temperature values. It's always best to check with other Power Cable / Plug even if the AC and DC power are write as OK .

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Chassis