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Spirent TestCenter: Error using Qbv: Slot X doesn't support Qbv Filters/Buckets

Spirent TestCenter: Any module which supports Qbv.

When trying to use Qbv filters/buckets, if ports are not set in AdvTSN mode, it will display errors like this:

ERROR: Port //2/5 on slot 2 doesn't support Qbv Filters
ERROR: Port //2/5 on slot 2 doesn't support Qbv Buckets

We need to change port mode to AdvTSN.
Here is how to change this mode:

After setting this profile, we will need to reboot and then first two ports of the group will be on AdvTSN mode and the two other ports will be unavailable.

Then, error will not be shown anymore.

Product : Windows GUI,Spirent TestCenter