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Spirent TestCenter: How do I Create and View Dynamics Results View (DRV)?

  • Spirent TestCenter GUI

To Create DRV and to View in the Results Browser, follow these generic steps:

  • Choose Change Results View -> Create Views -> Create Dynamic/Query Views – Enter View Name <View_Name> -> and Create in Select i.e. Streams -> Next -> Choose form the Object Selector pulldown menu i.e. StreamBlock -> and Select the StreamBlocks you wish to view -> Next -> Then individually Choose then Insert the i.e. StreamBlock parameters you wish to track from the i.e. StreamBlock Counter and Config fields and -> into the DRV fields.
  • To Create Custom, Click on the Green + To Edit (and name it ), then create the Property (used properties must be selected into fields to work)

Note: if you wish to remove Custom from the Custom<name>, from the "Select result source and result properties" window -> Next -> Next -> and in the 'Group and sort results' window Edit the Custom<name> in the Caption column


  • Once you have chosen the Properties you wish to view -> Next -> Next -> Finish -> then Apply the config
  • To View in the Dynamic View -> Change Result View -> User Views -> Streams -> <View_Name>

Note: In Settings, found under the Test Configuration, list of the ports in the test -> from L3L3 ResultsOptions, you may wish to select Time Refresh Settings -> Options ->  Time Refresh Setting of Manual, Continuous, or Periodic

Product : Spirent TestCenter