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iTest & Velocity 8.2 Now Available!

LSA Automation: iTest & Velocity 8.2 Release
The integration between iTest and Velocity will continue to strengthen in future releases. Here is a list of some salient features and benefits in 8.2 release for both products. This release builds on where 8.1 left off, for more details checkout the resource links below.

Theme Major New Capabilities
Enterprise Scale and Performance
  • Resource Queueing Enhancements
  • Bulk operations on Topology Grouped Resources
  • Resource Queueing for Sub-Topologies
    • Template support for Queuing Preferences
Productivity and Ease of Use
  • Sorting and Searching for Connection Arguments 
  • Reserved indicator for Inventory VLANs and Networks in Topology Editor
  • Specify Port Template used in Resource Auto-Discovery
Trust and Security
  • Secrets Management
    • Activation, De-activation, vBots, Test Cases, Runlists
3rd Party Integrations
  • Inventory Integration with External Systems 
Actionable Management Information
  • Publish Automation Artifacts in Report

Theme Major New Capabilities
  • Secrets Management  
    • New “Secret” Parameter Type
    • Prompting and Caching of Secrets at Runtime
    • Secret Token Values in Response Maps
    • Masked Secrets in Response, Queries, Structure
    • Secret Parameters Wizard
3rd Party Integrations 
  • New IxLoad REST Session
  • NETCONF 1.1 Compatibility 
Ease of Use 
  • Customize Prompts in Session Profile Wizard
  • Context-Sensitive Menu upon File and Folder Right-Click
  • Download Velocity Topologies from Import Wizard
  • Response View Added to Debug Perspective
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