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Spirent C1 and C2 Installation Instructions (5.17)


Provides instructions for installing and connecting the Spirent C1 and C2 appliances. Topics incude:

  • Requirements
  • Appliance System Requirements
    • Supported Applications and NIC Configurations
    • Cable Requirements
    • PC Requirements
    • Network Connectivity including Test Ports table
  • System Description
    • Connector Panels, Cabling for all models, including photos
  • Rack Mounting Considerations
  • Connecting to the SPT-C1/SPT-C2
    • Setting the  SPT-C1/SPT-C2 Addressing mode, IP Address, Netmask and Gateway
  • Appliance Firmware Support
  • Multiple Chassis and External Time Reference (ETR) Connectors on SPT-C2
  • Using the Authentication Mode (optional)
  • Spirent C1/C2 Admin Commands
SPT-C1 requires standard AC input of 100-240V~, 6A, 50/60Hz,10/100/1000 Base-T Administrative Port, NIC Configurations for SPT-C1 Appliance Models, SPT-C1 Power Button, Rack Mounting Considerations,  Elevated operating ambient, subnet mask:, SPT-C1 Administrative Port, Spirent C1 Admin Commands, Spirent C1 Quick Reference ​


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Spirent C1 and C2 Installation Instructions (5.17)

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Installation/Setup,Quick Start/Ref