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Spirent TestCenter Virtual™ on OpenStack Quick Start Guide (5.10)


Document description: Procedures to guide the first-time user from installation through running a simple Layer 3 traffic test on OpenStack

Virtual Controller Setup: Refer to Spirent TestCenter™ Virtual Controller Set up Guide 
Installing Spirent TestCenter on OpenStack: Download the Spirent TestCenter Virtual QCOW2 image for OpenStack

  • OpenStack Management Network

  • Create internal networks 

  • Security Groups control which TCP/UDP ports are open to/from the VM

  • Required TCP/UDP Ports for the Management network

  • Create additional Flavors for optimal Spirent TestCenter Virtual performance

  • Flavors can only be created from the admin account

Launching/Configuring a Spirent TestCenter Virtual Machine Instance

  • Launch VMs/Instances from the Project ->Compute ->Instances view, using the Launch Instance button

  • Configure the Networks you will use in the Networking tab

  • Assign Floating IPs to Spirent TestCenter Virtual Admin Interfaces

  • Spirent TestCenter Virtual Admin Commands

Spirent TestCenter Mini Virtual Machine: 

  • A customized VM with small memory and cpu footprint

  • Limitations

    • No upgrade through GUI 

    • 4000 fps transmit rate per port

    • 63 transmit and receive streams per port

    • Capture memory is 4096 bytes per port

    • Only access protocols are supported

    • Advanced features such as dpdk and passthrough are not supporte

Using Spirent TestCenter GUI for Spirent TestCenter Virtual Ports

  • Launch a compatible Spirent TestCenter GUI version
  • Add the chassis IP of the Spirent TestCenter Port VMs
  • Select the Spirent TestCenter Virtual ports and reserve them
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Spirent TestCenter Virtualâ„¢ on OpenStack Quick Start Guide (5.10)

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