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Spirent Advanced Channel Modeling (ACM) Documentation

Spirent Advanced Channel Modeling (ACM) enables you to quickly and easily create highly complicated scenarios without needing to fully understand all the involved channel propagation characteristics. Simply select the appropriate parameters for the various aspects of the scenario you want to create and then build the desired environment in a few clicks.
Using ACM, you can select from a variety of real-world propagation scenarios. After you design your 3D propagation scenario, ACM enables you to automatically create and download channel samples to the Spirent Vertex® Channel Emulator in accordance with the indicated test environment. ACM produces a text file output that can be used directly in any software simulator. With this capability, you can create realistic field-like tests for early system simulations.

This page provides links to the data sheets, frequently asked questions (FAQs), and documentation for Spirent Advanced Channel Modeling.

Spirent Advanced Channel Modeling Software

This section provides the user documentation for the latest release of ACM.
If you want to view the user documentation for previous releases of ACM, click here.

Advanced Channel Modeling Release 3.62 Documentation
Title Purpose
Spirent Advanced Channel Modeling (ACM) Release 3.62 System Release Summary, 71-009650, A0 Describes the new features, enhancements, and known issues in release 3.62 and provides the procedures to install the software.
Spirent Advanced Channel Modeling (ACM) Release 3.60 User Guide, 71-009540, A2 Describes how to use Spirent Advanced Channel Modeling release 3.60.

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