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OPEN Alliance SIG Conformance Release Notes

A new version of the Spirent OPEN Alliance SIG Conformance Test Suite Pack 2.0.4. is now available. This release contains updates to the OPEN SIG 2.0.0 test specification, the adaptation to TTworkbench 27 and fixes for recently detected bugs.

What’s New?
  • Updates to the OPEN SIG 2.0.0 test specification
  • Simplified test suite configuration grouping parameters in three categories (Basic, Advanced and Expert)
  • Simplified VLAN configuration
  • SSH UpperTester connection with public/private key authentication
  • New! TCP State diagram and TCP Message View available to help analyzing the test results
  • New! Support for TCP keep-alive messages during test case execution
  • Supported IPv4 header options will be decoded as a dedicated type
  • Upper Tester protocol support for AUTOSAR 1.1.0, AUTOSAR 1.2.0, Spirent UT v1.3
  • Adaptation to the TTworkbench 27 release

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