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TTsuite-TSN-FilteringAndPolicing Release Notes

We are happy to announce the immediate availability of TTsuite-TSN-FilteringAndPolicing version 1.1.0. This  release contains test cases for the following use cases:
  • Reception tests (to verify the DUT PSFP's Flow Meter behavior)
    • Flow Meter Burst tests: to verify that the DUT accepts/drops as per CBS/EBS configurations
    • Flow Meter Drop On Yellow & Red tests: to verify that the DUT drops packets as per Drop color configurations
  • Transmission tests (to verify that the DUT is transmitting at CIR/EIR rates)
    • Flow Meter Rate tests: to verify that the DUT sends at configured rates
What’s new?
  • Test cases description in tabular format
Upcoming in the next releases:
  • Stream Gates tests: to check the traffic receives only when Gates open on the DUT
  • Stream Filter tests: to check the steam flows through the configured Gates

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