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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (4.94)

This release notes document is for the latest Spirent TestCenter software base packages, test packages, and hardware. Click the attached PDF to open the release notes.
The following is a partial list of new content that is being introduced as part of this release.
• C50-KIT-21-START (C50 4-PORT DX3 100/40/10G QSFP28, L2-3 & 2544 STARTER KIT)
      –Supports 100G speed
• PX3-QSFP-DD-8 and DX3-QSFP-DD-8 (1U DX3/PX3 400G 8-port Appliance)
      –Add 4x50G support
• MX3/FX3-QSFP28-4 test module
       –Add 10G/25G/50G LAG support
• PX3-400GQ-P2, PX3-400GQ-T2 and all its variants:
       –At 400G speed, add Custom Fill Pattern support
• DX3-100GQ-T12 and all its variants:
       –At 25G speed, add support RS-FEC with AN/LT
• Dual boot support for appliances C1, C50, C100
• Segment Routing
   – PCEP Draft Update (Phase II)
   – BGP-LS SR Draft Update
• Switching/DataCenter
    –Supports Opflex (ACI) leaf switch emulation
• Access
    –Supports NGFI Emulated Device
    –Supports DHCPv4/v6 address confliction detection
• Routing
    –Supports Multi-PE traffic binding
    –Supports view routes for OSPFv3 excluding SR routes
     –Supports IPv4 prefix for OSPFv3
•  Add Command Sequencer support for IEEE802.1Qbv
• Wifi
     –  Add Rate vs Range wizard
      – EAP-FAST enhancement on station
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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (4.94)

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