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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (4.99)


This release notes document is for the latest Spirent TestCenter software base packages, test packages, and hardware. Click the attached PDF to open the release notes.
The following is a partial list of new content that is being introduced as part of this release.

The New Features document includes detailed descriptions of each new feature and many helpful GUI screen captures. 

  • DX3-400GQ-T2, DX3-400GD-T2, DX3-400GDF-T2, PX3-400GQ-T2
    • Add 100G speeds with AN/LT function
    • 4x50G AN/LT (beta)
  • PX3-100GQ-T12 and PX3-QSFP28-12
    • Add AN/LT support to 100G speed
    • Jitter measurement is enabled for 10G and 25G speeds
  • C50-KIT-23-START (C50 with 1xNIC-47 and 1xNIC-67)
    • i.e. 2-PORT DX3 100/50/40/25/10 QSFP28 and 4-PORT FX2 10/1G SFP+
  • PX3-QSFP28-12 test modules now support Jitter Measurements on all 5 speeds.
  • PX3-QSFP28-12 test modules now support 100G auto negotiation and link training (AN/LT).


  • VXLAN EVPN Overlay solution now supports Tenant Routed Multicast (TRM)
  • Allow transmit slow rate background streams, primarily useful with DX and PX ports
  • Supports SRv6 VPN draft version 05
  • Includes a new wizard to generate CPRI payload traffic over RoE (Radio over Ethernet) encapsulation
  • Supports adding multiple line attributes TLVs in ANCP port up and port down messages for negative testing
  • Supports MGCP and H.248 protocol via DPG


  • HLTAPI:  IS-IS Segmented Routing: emulation_isis_lsp_generator command has been enhanced to support segmented routing options. 
  • HLTAPI and Native API:  New Chassis Information : The device_info command has been enhanced to fetch chassis details..
  • Open HL Test Enhancements 
    •  Basic DHCPv6 protocol support 
    •  Basic IGMP/MLD querier protocol support 
    •  License server configuration support 

Additional features

  • Add Windows Server 2019 support for Spirent TestCenter GUI users
  • RadClock adaption for Virtual and Hardware
  • Automotive TSN Protocol
    •  IEEE 1588: Improve 1-step accuracy via TS feedback on FX2-10G test module
  • TestCenter IQ
    •  Drill-down tables enhanced to narrow focus to specific ports, devices, sessions, etc.
    •  Provide one-step workflow for profile save
    •  Add RFC Test Config summary view
    • ​​“Un-embed” TestCenter IQ from Spirent TestCenter Results. TestCenter IQ now launches to a browser

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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (4.99)

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