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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (5.05)


This release notes document is for the latest Spirent TestCenter software base packages, test packages, and hardware. Click the attached PDF to open the release notes.
The following is a partial list of new content that is being introduced as part of this release.

The New Features document includes detailed descriptions of each new feature and many helpful GUI screen captures. 

  • FX3-QSFP28-6 port with all 5 speeds
  • FlexE-100
  • Multi-Gig: Add 100MB/1G/5G speed support for MGig transceiver (ACC-7103A) and BPK-1368
  • PX3-QSFP-DD-8 (80-002545) with 400/200/100G and 4x50G including AN/LT support
OpenFlow Switch Emulation
is not supported in Spirent TestCenter releases 5.04 or 5.05. Support will be added back in Spirent TestCenter release 5.06.
  • Flex Algo for SRv6 (ISISv6)
  • IEEE1588 Timespan View: IL buffering
  • IEEE1588 Missed and Invalid Sequence counts for higher pps
Spirent TestCenter IQ
  • Event Enhancement (up/down, error and command events) for BGP
  • Event Enhancement (up/down, error and command events) for BFD
  • Event Enhancement (up/down, error and command events) for RSVP
  • Event Enhancement for Admin
  • Option to control event enable/disable from UI
  • Add IGMP TestCenter IQ View
  • MLD TestCenter IQ view: support two unit64_t in CacheKey
  • 802.11ax AP Emulation: Allow configuration of a WiFi radio port as one or multiple AP, so clients can associate with them and run iPerf traffic to each other
  • WPA3 and enhanced open for 802.11ax
  • Increased per port client count from 64 to 80
Enhanced L4-7:
  • Add support on DX2-10GQ-C test modules
  • Add support on MX2-10G test modules

Automation:  Add Support for Tcl 8.6

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Spirent TestCenter Release Notes (5.05)

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